When it’s time to exercise his dogs,
Cesar puts on his LandRollers

Cesar Millan is the owner of the renowned Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles and the author of a New York Times best seller, “Cesar’s Way”.  However, he is likely best known as the star of the TV show, The Dog Whisperer, and the most sought after dog trainer in the world.

One of Cesar Millan’s best tools for canine behavior modification is the inline skate.  Often on his TV show Cesar would put on his skates and let one or more of the dogs in his charge pull him for a long skate.  Having dogs pull him on skates provides a fun exercise for the dogs, and is also fun for Cesar.  Cesar believes that dogs, especially big city dogs, don’t get enough strenuous exercise.  This lack of exercise can contribute to dog behavioral problems.  Cesar’s “Dog Whisperer” audience loved to see him gliding through city streets on his inline skates being pulled behind his dogs.

Through the show’s producer, Cesar became aware of a revolutionary new kind of roller skate, the LandRoller angled wheel skate.  The new LandRoller skate with its two oversized wheels mounted on the outside looked like they could take a skater more smoothly over rougher surfaces than an inline skate.


For the 2005 season of The Dog Whisperer, Cesar began to use the new LandRoller skates as part of his canine exercise regimen.

Often during the course of The Dog Whisperer shows, Cesar will put on his LandRollers, and, with one hand holding the lead, let an exercise-starved dog pull him through the city streets.  One can see that Cesar really loves being pulled along by one or more dogs.  It’s also true that Millan can now skate over many more surfaces than he could with his old fashioned inline skates.

Today, thanks to Cesar Millan and his hit TV show, The Dog Whisperer, many novice skaters, recreational skaters and expert skaters alike are learning about this exciting new skate technology.  The new LandRoller skates are now bringing the same kind of excitement to the roller skating world that Rollerblade brought to the scene twenty-five years ago when they first introduced the inline skate to the roller skating community.

Visit the LandRoller store at www.LandRoller.com/store right now and order a pair. Within a few days, you can be on your own pair of LandRoller skates being pulled by your dog, just like Cesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer.  Now is the time to, Get Out of Line! with LandRoller.